6- RC1 Technical Information

RC1 is a two box system consisting of Bass Speakers (aka Bins) and Mid/Hi Speakers (aka tops).

RC1 Stack2


  • Dimensions 1050mm (1100mm including skids) long x 625mm x 655mm deep (plus castors).
  • Weight 120kg.
  • Incorporate multi driver set up, hybrid loaded with active cooling systems requiring 230v supply.
  • Normally ground stacked and secured with heavy duty ratchet straps.


  • 45 degree trapezoidal cabinets, height 1.2m x 0.5m.
  • Weight 50kg.
  • Incorporate active cooling systems requiring 230v supply.
  • Incorporate flying points.
  • Either ground stacked on top of bins or flown.  Four Tops are also fitted with “top hats” in the base for pole mounting.

Crest Amps


We currently power the RC1 Sound System with Crest Audio CA series amplifiers, using model CA18 for bass and mid, and CA9 for high frequencies.  The above photo shows some of our stock of such amplifiers.