5- History of RC1

Born out of an engineer’s frustration with all the countless other systems that he tried and experienced. Finally the only answer seemed, as the age old proverb says – “If you want a job done properly, do it yourself!”. So he did……

RC1 is now becoming recognised in many important circles as the ultimate system for dance music events.LeasCliffHall

The RC1 was designed and developed by engineer Jon Evelegh. He enjoyed the experience of music being complimented with heavy bassweight.  He found that the other systems he had worked with were capable of achieving this weighty sound at low volumes if set up to do so, but could not maintain such bassweight at the higher volume levels required for events.  The answer it seemed lay in developing a bass speaker that could produce considerably more sound pressure at these frequencies.

So, Jon set off on a lengthy mission to try and develop the loudest bass speaker possible. Eventually, following much prototyping and development of some new technology, the original RC1 (Radical Concept mk1) bass bin was born.  It was a relatively small unit, such that it was easily portable, yet it was very efficient at the same time as being able to handle exceptionally high power.  Some further development, including use of some of the new technology, was then used in the designing of a mid/high speaker to compliment the bass speaker.  The first complete RC1 Sound System was born!

At events it quickly became apparent that RC1 appeared unbeatable in terms of being able to perform loudly and heavily, but the sound quality and balance was not as good as some other systems. As a result, over the last couple of years or so there has been ongoing development work to improve the sound quality and tonal balance, resulting in many modifications and improvements, such that now the RC1 Sound System often sounds clearly better than many of the other “Pro Audio” alternatives.

The RC1 project is always undergoing further development and improvement. RC1 appears to have achieved great success already, initially in producing extreme sound pressure and bassweight, and more recently in achieving such excellent sound quality.  As a result we have recently shifted our attention slightly to sound control as restrictions such as off site noise limits are proving more and more of a constraint nowadays, particularly for outdoor events, and being able to control the sound better can make all the difference in finding a compromise that allows events to proceed within their licence whilst the music still remains at an enjoyable level for the people attending.