3- RC1 Sound System – SYSTEM HIRE

LeasCliffHall2We specialise in providing sound systems for events that require an exceptional experience in sound.

Advantages of using an RC1 Sound System include:-

  • THE RC1 EXPERIENCE – RC1’s special ability to effortlessly reproduce music at extreme pressure levels with low distortion and still maintaining high headroom. Not only does this give the option of performing music louder, but more importantly the sound remains undistorted and enjoyable at the same pressure levels that would often become unpleasantly distorted and uncomfortable on many other systems.
  • Enjoy feeling the bass? RC1 often brings an extra dimension to music with its ability to develop exceptional bass weight, such that the music can literally feel like it’s being pumped through your body. This adds an extra dimension to music, which is otherwise usually just an audio experience, bringing music to life by making it more physical so you can actually feel its touch and energy.
  • RC1, like most sound systems, does to some extent have its own characteristic sound. It is generally thought to have a crisp and clear sound that is warm and pleasant to listen to. At an event with several arenas it is fun to have some variety between arenas, it helps make the event more interesting and characterful, and RC1 in an arena often proves an attraction in itself and makes a pleasant contrast to some more “clinical” sounding systems.
  • RC1, as a unique sound system, has attracted a following of people who enjoy what we bring to music. In this respect we are to some extent an attraction in ourselves, and it has been demonstrated repeatedly that having RC1 in attendance at an event both has a positive effect on ticket sales, but is also a talking point and helps to make an event stand out from other similar events.
  • We are developing a good level of expertise in offsite sound level management, including the use of cardioid and delta bass arrays, delay/rear speakers, and other techniques to help maintain the best levels achievable in the arena while operating within specified constraints. Of course we like music to be loud, but we understand that events must comply with local noise restrictions in order to happen at all. The most important things are that the events do not lose their licences and at the same time that the music is an enjoyable experience for people attending. Even on occasions where we are not permitted to play loud, we take care to ensure the quality remains exceptionally high and do everything we can to make the music as enjoyable an experience as possible for the people attending.

We stock a range of DJ and PA equipment to compliment the main system, including high power monitor speakers, such that for most events we can usually provide all required audio equipment.

RC1 Sound System and our team have an exceptional track record of performance and reliability, and always provide an experienced engineer to set up and operate the sound systems throughout the duration of events.

2018 UPDATE – We now additionally have the new RC Audio Systems active speakers available for hire.