2- RC Audio Systems Limited – PRODUCTS

“RC Audio Systems Limited” was formed by Jon Evelegh, the designer and creator of the legendary RC1 Sound System, to develop and manufacture exclusive and top quality audio products.

  • RC Audio Systems extreme output active speakers

The “ESPIELLA” is our mid high speaker, we are now producing a “V2” version which has improved sound quality for an exceptionally enjoyable and high definition sound.  Click here for the spec sheet.

The “UNIBASS” is our general purpose bass speaker, we are now producing a “V2.1” version which is significantly more powerful than the original UNIBASS.  Click here for the spec sheet.

The “BATTLEBASS” is our larger bass speaker for applications requiring extremely high sound pressure levels of bass and sub.  Click here for the spec sheet.

The “GENERAL” is our smaller mid high / full range speaker, featuring inbuilt Leveliza circuit, click here for the spec sheet.

Our active speakers are designed to produce a top quality sound at very high sound pressure levels. They use their own inbuilt electronics to manage their operation and ensure that they maintain top performance at all times regardless of how hard they are being driven.

They are not aimed at the mass market, they are extremely high performance and exclusive products for people that require an exceptional sound system.

The clarity, extreme sound pressure and headroom, which sets them apart from other speakers, is immediately obvious as soon as you hear them.

They are a “plug and play” solution, and are very quick and easy to set up. Plug them into a mains electricity supply and connect a full range signal from your desk and away you go.  Adjacent cabinets can simply be “daisy chained” together.

Originally our active speakers had stainless steel grilles, but by popular demand we are now supplying them as standard with black grilles.  However, they are still available with the original stainless steel grilles for people that prefer them that way, we will be supporting both the black and stainless looks going forward.

  • RC Audio DWARF active speaker

The DWARF is our ultra compact multipurpose pro-audio active speaker.  It is a unique shapeshifter in that it can adapt to many different uses, click here for the spec sheet.

  • RC Audio Systems LEVELIZA

The LEVELIZA is a totally new and unique type of dynamics processor.  It is designed to keep the average perceived volume levels consistent at music events without compromising the dynamic range of the music and without all the other unfavourable side affects normally associated with the use of other automatic gain control units, levellers, compressors & limiters in such an application.  For anyone that would like to understand more about the concept behind and application of the Leveliza a document on this can be found here.

For an introduction and more info click HERE and for the LEVELIZA spec sheet click HERE

  • Downloads

LEVELIZA User Manual

Active Speaker GENERAL User Manual

Active Speaker UNIBASS User Manual

  • Archive documents

UNIBASS V2 spec sheet

Original UNIBASS (v1) spec sheet

For more info we can be contacted by email at jon@rc1.audio.