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“1- News”

  1. ESPIELLA V2 – High Definition!

    Following the incredible success of our V2 Unibass we were looking to see if there was anywhere else we can make significant improvements across our products.

    The Espiella has always been an exceptionally powerful speaker, but some people have criticised it for not sounding as good as some other products. We took this criticism very seriously and following a re-design including new analogue processing circuits we are pleased to now launch the High Definition ESPIELLA-V2.

    The Espiella V2 now features a top quality high definition sound that will rival the best sounding top end pro audio speakers on the market today, but it still retains its ability to perform at exceptional sound pressure levels at the same time. It has a warm and enjoyable sound, even at very loud levels, and the detail in the sound it just amazing. There’s no point in trying to describe it though, it is something people will need to hear for themselves when they get the opportunity.

    Initially there were people that didn’t take our products seriously until they heard them. Then, after witnessing the phenomenal performance of the Unibass and Espiella even our critics had to take us seriously, but the critics then said our products did not appear sufficiently “pro audio” with the look and finish of our boxes. So, we redesigned our boxes including black custom grilles to make them look more “pro-audio” and special. We’ve received almost unanimous feedback that they are now among some of the best looking speakers available, so that problem was rectified. In a final attempt to find grounds for criticism our critics could only criticise the quality of the sound, and even by our admission the Espiella did have some room for improvement there. So, now we have fixed that too.

    Our active speakers are now among the best audio quality on the market today, they are for their size among the loudest speakers in the world, and they look stunning. Combining this with the convenience of the “plug and play” and the unique and unrivalled dynamic control offered by our LEVELIZA really does make us a serious option for people who are looking to exceed the “normal standards” with a truly “exceptional” sound system.

  2. Following the success of the UNIBASS we have now taken it to a whole new level with new V2 UNIBASS. The V2 unit is dimensionally the same as the original UNIBASS, but it is substantially more powerful.

    Compared to the original UNIBASS, the V2 features:-
    * A larger heavyweight class H bipolar power amplifier of 3.5kw RMS
    * A significantly stronger response to kick bass frequencies, giving the speaker a much sharper impact.
    * Even better analogue dynamics processing which allows the speaker to use its headroom better and perform much louder.

    The output level that the UNIBASSv2 achieves is phenomenal for its size, and compared with other manufacturers products it really stands out in a league of its own now in terms of extreme bass performance. Anyone that really enjoys powerful bass really needs to hear this!

  3. RC Audio Systems Demo Evening March 2019

    On 5th March 2019 we are holding an RC Audio Systems Demo Evening in London.

    It’ll be a chance to meet us and have a closer look and listen to some of our unique and exceptional products, including our Active Speakers and Leveliza.

    Drop us a line if you would like to come down and I’ll add you to the guest list. My email address is jon@rc1.audio.

  4. RC Audio Systems stacks
    After lots of hard work RC Audio Systems Limited is now delivering its exciting products to customers. With our original and exceptional products we feel we’ve got something really special to offer.

    Our “Leveliza” being a totally new concept in Dynamics Management provides a unique solution that could actually improve the performance of thousands of nightclubs and touring sound systems across the world.

    Our active speakers really do set a whole new performance benchmark, why pay more for other top “pro audio” systems when our speakers sound astonishingly good, will audibly outperform them and are so quick and simple to set up being an active plug and play format? These could be game changers!


    For product info click here.

  5. Introducing the LEVELIZA – a revolutionary new type of dynamics processor is born.
    The LEVELIZA is a totally new and unique type of product. It is designed to keep the average perceived volume levels consistent at music events without compromising the dynamic range of the music and without all the other unfavourable side affects normally associated with the use of other automatic gain control units, levellers, compressors & limiters in such an application.

    We are very excited and proud to be bringing such a useful new type of product to the industry.
    For an introduction and more info click HERE and for the LEVELIZA spec sheet click HERE.

    Are you ready to take your basslines to the next level? Find out more about our exciting new active bass speaker, the UNIBASS – HERE

  7. RC Audio Systems

    We’re excited to announce a new and extraordinary sound system has been born from the creators of the RC1.

    RC Audio Systems Limited is proud to launch this new two box active speaker system. Able to significantly outperform many much larger pro-audio systems, we believe it will set a new benchmark in the industry, and it’s already creating quite a stir!

    The system is now available for hire or purchase – click here to see our products page for more info.


    Bristol Soundclash December 2017

    2017 has been a fun year and climaxed on Friday 22 December with a friendly bass soundclash against an enormous Void rig of Incubus and Nexus XL.

    The Void rig was provided by Neuron Pro Audio and consisted of a single stack of 4 Incubus Subs, 6 Nexus XL subs and 4 Hyperfolds totalling some 10,400 litres of bass cabinets driven by Powersoft amps including ten Powersoft K20.

    We came in with a more modest stack of 16 RC1 bass speakers totalling just some 6800 litres driven by eight Crest Audio CA18 amps.

    On mid/hi the Void rig were running their enormous Air Array speakers and we were running 3 pairs of RC1 mid/hi.

    As the night went on the bass levels crept up and we were delighted to find that, despite us being dwarfed by the size of the Void rig, the RC1 came into its own and put up more than a good fight. The Void was an exceptional rig, but in the end was not even close to matching the RC1 for bassweight. Towards the end, as the difference between the rigs became so extreme the crowd were literally buzzing and shouting in support of the RC1, which was an amazing result!

    There were plenty of other highlights in 2017.

    In March we promoted our first night “RC1 in Session” in Bristol and it was a great success. We were pleased how many people came out and joined us for a night of incredible bassweight, and we intend to do more such events from time to time in the future.

    In June/July we took an RC1 rig to Spain to power the main arena at Innovation in the Sun festival, which was great fun. It was the first time we’ve taken the RC1 overseas and we spent a very enjoyable week out there.

    We got out onto the festival scene again, including our first year at Sequences Festival in Bristol, and we returned to power the Skreamizm tent again at Eastern Electrics which has been one of our favourite events for several years now.

    We took to the roads again for Notting Hill Carnival in August, providing sound for Chocolate Nation which was the biggest Carnival Mas Band at Notting Hill this year. The RC1 really come into their own when they’re allowed to be loud, and so we turned a lot of heads at the carnival with many people saying we sounded great and had, by quite a big margin, the loudest and heaviest rig there. Another win for RC1!

    Plus of course all our numerous other great shows.

    During 2017 we also spent a lot of time in our workshop developing our new “RC Audio Systems” range of active speakers. The first products of this are now finally coming available for hire and purchase. We believe they will set a new benchmark for such products, so watch out world – the revolution is coming!

    Bring on 2018 – it’s set to be quite a year!


    RC1 IN SESSION – What’s that? We’ve decided to organise our own events as a chance to showcase top bass music acts on a huge RC1 Sound System in carefully selected venues.

    Why? – Too often events powered by RC1 are compromised by local noise restrictions. RC1 IN SESSION is an opportunity to enjoy the ultimate bass experience on an unrestricted RC1 system.

    Will this be regular? – We’re kicking off our events in Bristol (25 March 17) and London (19 May 17) and have more dates to announce in the pipeline.

    Where can I find out more? – See the Events section of the RC1 Facebook page for more info.

    Event page for our first event in BRISTOL is Bristol RC1 IN SESSION 23/3/17
    Event page for our first event in LONDON is London RC1 IN SESSION 19/5/17

  10. On 4th November RC1 will be powering the main room for CTRLSOUND & GET DARKER celebrating 10 years of Get Darker. With the RC1 and the amazing lineup it promises to be one of the top dubstep events of the year! See event page.

  11. RC1 Sound System will be powering one of the main stages at “Hospitality in the Park” on 24th September, and also at Tranz-mission festival on 25th September in Finsbury Park, London. Should be a great weekend! See event pages at Hospitality and Tranz-mission

  12. RC1 Sound System has just started this new website for September 2016. Shame we’re not as good at making websites as we are at making speakers!

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