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“1- News”


    RC1 IN SESSION – What’s that? We’ve decided to organise our own events as a chance to showcase top bass music acts on a huge RC1 Sound System in carefully selected venues.

    Why? – Too often events powered by RC1 are compromised by local noise restrictions. RC1 IN SESSION is an opportunity to enjoy the ultimate bass experience on an unrestricted RC1 system.

    Will this be regular? – We’re kicking off our events in Bristol (25 March 17) and London (19 May 17) and have more dates to announce in the pipeline.

    Where can I find out more? – See the Events section of the RC1 Facebook page for more info.

    Event page for our first event in BRISTOL is Bristol RC1 IN SESSION 23/3/17
    Event page for our first event in LONDON is London RC1 IN SESSION 19/5/17

  2. On 4th November RC1 will be powering the main room for CTRLSOUND & GET DARKER celebrating 10 years of Get Darker. With the RC1 and the amazing lineup it promises to be one of the top dubstep events of the year! See event page.

  3. RC1 Sound System will be powering one of the main stages at “Hospitality in the Park” on 24th September, and also at Tranz-mission festival on 25th September in Finsbury Park, London. Should be a great weekend! See event pages at Hospitality and Tranz-mission

  4. RC1 Sound System has just started this new website for September 2016. Shame we’re not as good at making websites as we are at making speakers!

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